Passion in Teaching

Something seems to be missing in the education system, and it’s not students that are skipping class. It seems that more and more teachers are teaching with less passion then they used to. I’ve noticed recently that teachers don’t seem to care about their students in the same way that they did when I was in school. That’s not to say that all teachers lack passion, it just seems to be more prevalent today. There are likely a few reasons for this.

The first reason that comes to mind is standardized testing. I hear from teachers all the time who say they are stressed out with the rules and regulations that govern them when it comes to standard testing. The new set of strict guidelines likely leaves little time for teachers to truly get to know their students, much less interject when an issue arises. I was lucky enough to not have to deal with standardized testing when I was in school, but I’m dealing with it as a parent and I am in the group that opposes it.

Another reason may be due to our changes as a society. Everybody is so focused on themselves, that they forget to focus on the person next to them. We live in a “ME” society. What I mean by that is, we are so focused on how we’ve been wronged, or what can YOU do for Me, that we forget to quit being selfish and look to help someone else in need. I heard a teacher the other day talking to her spouse about how little she made as a teacher with many years of service and that she was doing the bare minimum for her students. She told her husband that she felt the state didn’t dish out enough money to pay teachers more than a bare bones salary, so that’s what she was going to give back; a bare bones education. I don’t know if this is the exception or the rule, but rather than focus on how she had been wronged and taking it out on her students, she should focus on her students and fight her battle with the school district and the state.

There are many more reasons that teachers may have for teaching with less passion than they used to, but teaching is the most effective way to reach our children. It is up to us, as new educators and future educators, to get back the passion and begin filling our students with it. Our students will only receive the quality of education that we give them. We need to make sure we are giving them the highest quality of education that we can and do our best to put them on a path that leads to success. If this is something that seems to difficult to do, then maybe it’s time to rethink your career path and venture into something else. Students need teachers; and teachers need passion!